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It's All In The Family

Craft Cleaners is run by the second generation owners Tom and Lorrie Janick. Jack Janick and his wife Carol began Craft Cleaners in a very different time than today back in 1956. Their commitment to quality, their employees, and innovations within the industry remain today. As a second generation family business, Craft stands at the forefront of the dry-cleaning industry with Green Solutions for every cleaning need.

In 1968 Tom's father Jack won the National Plant Design award in the American Drycleaner's annual plant design competition. He was innovative in integrating Time Motion Study into his plant design and employee motivation programs.

Today, Tom continues in those footsteps. He has served as the New Jersey representative for the Northeast Fabricare Association. He served as council member to the International Fabricare Institute Certification Council working on the development of testing and protocols for industry dry-cleaners to become "Certified Environmental Cleaner", "Certified Wet Cleaner" and "Certified Professional Cleaner". He is proud of his efforts working with the New Jersey State Department of Environmental Protection Roundtable from 1988 - 2000. As a member of this roundtable he was involved in discussing ways the state could monitor compliance for perc drycleaners in New Jersey.

In 1999 Tom developed the entry for the Miele wet-cleaning system into the United States market. He created the wet-cleaning programs and training guides which are used throughout the US and Canada. He worked with chemical companies on products for wet-cleaning methods as well as finishing equipment companies in the development of tensioning equipment. He was instrumental in installing the first wet-cleaning system in California, where there are over 75 dedicated wet-cleaning facilities in operation today. He has spoken at numerous national and local industry events on wet-cleaning. Tom visited and trained at over 150 plants in the US and Canada in the capacity of consultant.

In 2000 Tom and Lorrie began work with Hangers America, a CO2 technology cleaning franchise. Tom and Lorrie developed training programs for new franchisees including business plans, site and equipment selection, plant layout, start-up, employee development and systems training. In 2001 they served as lead trainers for all Hangers worldwide franchisees.

Contact Tom at 609-924-3242 x10 if you are interested in having him speak at your organization about dry-cleaning and the environment.


To invest in technology innovations to increase quality and productivity keeping our prices reasonable and our employees' happy and healthy while giving our customers the highest quality service in central NJ.

Our investments don't end with machinery. We are constantly training our employees on new fashion and fabrics. It is evident from our store front personnel with knowledge on cleaning solutions for every fabric and stain to our production staff who knows how to make your garment look "just right".

Craft was the first drycleaner in the world to utilize the Solvair cleaning system as the primary process in our plant.

About Us


Being environmentally responsible is not just a fad for us. We have been on the leading edge of every environmentally sound clothing care system for more than 10 years. While some cleaners have recently stopped using the controversial solvent perchlorethelyne Craft has been leading the way. Craft was at the forefront of two major cleaning developments within the dry cleaning industry: the first drycleaner in the world to utilize the Solvair cleaning system as the primary process and the first drycleaner in the United States to employ the Miele Wet-cleaning system. Our plant has been visited by hundreds of drycleaners from around the world trying to learn our technologies. We have hosted numerous forums and training sessions.

The machines we use for the cleaning process are free of VOC's, and the environmental risks associated with traditional dry cleaning. They have the added benefit of operating at lower energy levels.

Miele Wet-Cleaning

  • Our Miele commercial washers and wet-cleaning machines utilize computer controlled processes to use the lowest levels of water. Our Miele washer for shirts and bedding items uses 110 gallons of water per cycle vs. the next most competitive washer which uses 350 gallons. The high spin speeds reduce drying-time to provide energy savings.
  • The efficiency in the design of the Miele drum enables a reduction in the amount of detergent used thus reducing detergent in the waste stream. Our detergents come in super concentrated form, further reducing the waste stream. They cost more but the results are worth it.
  • Miele wet-cleaning systems do not have an energy-intensive solvent recovery system making wet-cleaning the most energy-efficient method of cleaning.


Solvairs' unique heat-free drying process eliminates the energy required by traditional machines to dry clothing. The CO2 used in our machine is captured from other manufacturing processes which would normally be emitted into the atmosphere. Some of these CO2 sources include alcohol manufacturing and the wood-pulp industry. Our waste stream is recycled into a bio-fuel. Traditional dry-cleaning processes produce a toxic waste which must be buried in land-fills.

If Only Organic Meant "The Hard Truth About Organic" in our Helpful Tips section.


Our modern boiler design utilizes low NOX (Sulfur Dioxide) technology. Sulfur Dioxide is a major component of smog in the atmosphere.

We limit the use of excessive packaging.

We recycle hangers and our plastic bags are bio-degradable.