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Green Clothing Care

Solvair Green Dry Cleaning

To fully understand the revolutionary Solvair process, it helps to look at traditional dry cleaning. For more 100 years dry cleaners have used petroleum based solvent circulated through a filter and clothing in the wheel. When the cleaning cycle is finished solvent is drained away to be re-used on the next cycle. When the drying process begins clothes in the machine must be heated to a minimum of 140 F and as high as 165F depending on the solvent. Drying can take up to 45 minutes.

Solvair uses a safe, bio-degradable cleaning fluid which is highly effective on a broad range stains and soils. While petroleum based solvents used by most drycleaners are adequate at removing oils and fats they do nothing to remove water based stains, which are the most prevalent type. Solvair is not only superior at removing oils, greases and fats but has the ability to solubize many water stains including invisible stains. While traditional machines filter solvent as a purification step they are subject to operator error and poor maintenance. Substandard filtration is the number one cause of graying and dulling of clothing. Solvair pumps and filters 3 times the amount of solvent of regular machines. It constantly monitors and adjusts operator inputs to insure optimum performance and consistency. The results are the whitest whites and brightest colors.

Instead of drying clothes by heating them to high temperatures Solvair uses clear, clean liquid CO2 to rinse clothing. Our CO2 comes from other emission sources and is the same CO2 that is delivered to restaurants for use in soft drinks. In the wheel, clothes virtually float in cold liquid CO2 and vapor while they go thru a series of rinses. Without the heat and lengthy tumbling of conventional drying, stains do not set and garments better retain their original qualities through successive wearing and cleaning cycles. At the completion of rinsing, the wheel is de-pressurized, turning liquid CO2 back into a gas where it is captured for re-use on the next cycle.

Miele Professional

Miele Wet Cleaning

Simply put, wet cleaning is the process of cleaning "dry clean only" clothes in water instead of traditional "solvent". Wet cleaning is not a traditional washing machine with powdered detergent. Wet cleaning utilizes special detergents in a computer controlled machine overseeing the washing speed, rhythms and temperature to insure safe cleaning. Most consumers have no control over the true water temperature in their home machines. Our special detergents coat fibers with a protective film that limits the invasiveness of water while still removing soils and stains. The wash process turns the drum only 3 seconds of every minute. A conditioning process follows which softens clothing, bringing body back into fibers. The spinning process in a wet cleaning machine can effectively remove 75% of all water so clothes are virtually dry and therefore spend a very limited time in the drying process, the cause of most shrinkage.

Green Clothing Care

"You don't have to sacrifice Clean by going Green"
All other green solvent technologies compromise cleaning by using ineffective processes - they may be safe for the environment - but they do little cleaning. Properly flushing soils & stains from clothing is the only way to ensure clothes last longer.

Take comfort in knowing you are doing your part for the environment by using Craft Cleaners.
Our clear, clean, CO2 technology and Wet-Cleaning leave clothing free from VOC's, odors & residues. Unlike other cleaners whose waste is buried in landfills we send ours for re-processing into alternative fuel.