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Pickup and Home Delivery
Pickup and Home Delivery

Craft Cleaners Delivery Arrangements

You need not be home. Craft customizes our delivery arrangements to meet your needs. At some homes we are provided garage codes, at others we deliver garments to the back porch, and for some we even go directly to the closets and hang the clothes.

You are welcome to prepare an itemized list of what we will be picking up and we will inform you immediately if we find any discrepancies. Otherwise, our counts will be accepted as accurate.

Craft Cleaners Delivery Schedule

We visit customers twice per week. Our typical schedule is Mon - Thurs and Tues - Fri. Please inquire as to your actual delivery days which are based on your residential area. Some services require a little longer. Items requiring extensive attention may take longer. Please inform your delivery representative if any item is required on a specific delivery day.

Craft Cleaners Payment Options

We offer 2 convenient methods of payment:


Craft will send a monthly statement via email. Upon receipt our customer issues a check online or by mail. This house account is secured with a credit card we keep on file.


Craft makes twice monthly charges to a predetermined credit card on the 1st and 15th of each month.

Get Started with Pickup and Home Delivery

Two easy ways to get started:

Fill out our online application


Print out the application. You can fill it out at your convenience and drop it off at our store, or fax back to: 609-924-2468